Analytic Thermoscope

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Three –Channel Analytic Thermoscope TA-570M reads-out and indicates temperature in the Real Time what makes it indispensable in Thermoprofiling process.

Modern Soldering technology – is Hi-Tech process which requires a high precision of all process parameters. Modern Soldering is impossible without thermoprofile execution. In its turn, Thermoprofile has to meet all settings applied by components and implemented electronic materials. For this matter high-accuracy instruments are to be used in process of Thermoprofile creation and tuning

Temperature Measure and Read-out Tool “Thermoscope TA-570M” provides a temperature measurement simultaneously by three channels. Small dimensions platinum sensor PT-1000 are in direct contact with processed object and grant precise temperature read-out. Fixing and writing down of measured parameters can be realized either manually from built-in display or transmitted through RS-232C/USB channel to PC for further termoprofiling with TermoPro Center Program.


Controlled by "TermoPro Center"

Up to 4 “Thermoscope TA-570M” tools can be connected to PC at the same time, what means that upto 12 read-out sensors can be used simultaneously for getting temperature information from processed object for further process development and thermoprofile tuning. “ThermoPro Center” Program supplied with “Thermoscope TA-570M” unit provides additional soft-tools for analysis, print and save options. But, first of all, it works for building a precise thermoprofile of future Soldering Process.  

Thermoscope in conjunction with “TermoPro Center” Software set of tools are really unique analytic instrument of modern process engineer. 


“Thermoscope  TA-570M”  Tool is calibrated before delivery. It can be used for thermo regimes controls not only in production but for tests and researches purposes in laboratories conditions as well.

  • “Thermoscope  TA-570M” Tool is supplied in a set with 6 sensors, 4x2 mm size. Sensors connection PTFE wires 2,2 m length in a “standard option”, but it can be increased up to 5 m by customer order. 
  • All necessary fixing devices for sensors installation are supplied
  • Stand for mounting the sensor on the printed circuit board is optional.
  • The sensor has to be aligned to a measured object surface with sensors bottom side for better heat conductivity. We highly recommend to apply a bit of thermo-conductive paste on bottom sensors side to compensate gap and errors in contact.

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Technical specification

Nominal Temperature measurement range  −40°C ... +350°C
Nominal measurement error  ± 2°C
Maximum temperature range of measurement  −70°C ... +500°C
Number of channels    3
Power supply  DC 7-9 V
Dimensions of the device (height x width x depth)  44 × 135 × 205 mm
Weight  1 kg
Interface  RS-232C / USB